Invisible Ideas (2003) was a ground-breaking artwalk that combined GPS, PDAs, and Flash to enhance participants' exploration around the Boston Common. The walkers followed a loose path and where presented with locative content during their walk created by members of the Nature and Inquiry artists group. Each particpant's path was recorded and charted on a live map projected at the Copley Society of Art in nearby Newbury Street Boston.

Invisible Ideas was created by the Nature and Inquiry artists group: Donald Burgy, Margot Kelley, John Holland, Nita Sturiale, and Ron Wallace; in collaboration with: Bill Perry, Smart Device Macromedia Flash Development; Giuseppe Taibi, Flash/Database Integration; Matt Moore, Motion Graphics; Josh Caswell, Audio; and Ben Yates, Flash Website. Invisible Ideas was produced by Nita Sturiale.

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