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  • Adobe Success Story

  • Christian Paul, Whitney Museum New Media curator, referred to Invisible Ideas in her Keynote address at the Digital Art and Public Space conference at Harvard in Boston.

  • Boston Herald, Friday, April 15th, Visual Arts; High-tech works come of age by Joanne Silver:
    "Despite the artwork's futuristic dazzle, which culminates in the color display of each walker's path on a virtual map in the gallery, the actual experience of "Invisible Ideas" is surprisingly old-fashioned. For example, to plot the course of his narrated route, Donald Burgy selected sites where he discovered the presence of underground water by dowsing with a divining rod. A participant stopping at marked benches along the Commonwealth Mall will signal the computer to play Burgy's tales of humans making extraordinary perceptions using clues from nature.

  • Boston Globe, Friday, May 2nd, TAMING TECHNOLOGY'S OVERLOAD WITH ARTFUL SYSTEMS by Cate McQuaid:
    "ideas flash on the computer screen and speak into your headphones. Art, physics, metaphysics, and ideas about community are discussed. Stories are told. Sometimes they connect to your geography, sometimes they don't. It's like taking a walk with a revered teacher: rigorous, challenging, occasionally enlightening..."

  • Boston Globe, Sunday, May 4th, Start-up ideas straddle worlds of art, technology by DC Denison:
    ""The art project has a very clear benefit for us," Taibi (CEO SmartWorlds, technology provider for Invisible Ideas) said. "For one thing it gives us a very large installation in the real world. We are learning how robust the technology is, how much support we have to provide for it. We are learning in which details the devils are hiding.""

  • Wired News, May 2 2003, Boston Festival Blends Art, Tech by Mark Baard:
    "The Invisible Ideas project takes visitors to the Boston Common, a 50-acre park in the city's downtown area, for a GPS-enabled handheld computer journey that displays bits of poetry, images and sounds that are triggered by particular locations along the route."

  • Boston Globe, Monday, April 28th, @ Large by Scott Kirshner:
    "Viewers (users?) are given a PocketPC hand-held computer equipped with a Global Positioning System receiver. As they roam Commonwealth Avenue, the Public Garden, and Boston Common, their position triggers different visual and audio content on the hand-held. When the viewer returns to the gallery, a tracing of her travels is uploaded to a map, which also shows the paths taken by other viewers."

  • — users group discussion forum - Invisible Ideas Feature

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  • RAI Italian television – TG Leonardo - Invisible Ideas and SmartWorlds Technology feature.

  • Somerville Cable Access Dead Air Live show interviews Nita Sturiale and Giuseppe Taibi.

  • Somerville Cable Acces video documentary about Invisible Ideas (25 minutes - available upon request)

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