If you are unable to take the Invisible Ideas walk, you can still see and hear the content that has been linked to 147 longitude and latitude waypoints sprinkled throughout the Commonwealth Mall, Public Garden and Boston Common. Below, all the content is in a list. On the walk, you'll discover the ideas in an order that will depend on your path, as you see and hear them with the Invisible Ideas equipped PDA.

Vision Beyond the Horizon
A Walk in the Public Garden
Connection Strength
Donald Burgy
John Holland
Margot Anne Kelley
Nita Sturiale

Invisible Ideas is presented by the Nature and Inquiry artists group: Donald Burgy, Margot Kelley, John Holland, Nita Sturiale, and Ron Wallace; in collaboration with: Bill Perry, Smart Device Macromedia Flash Development; Giuseppe Taibi, Flash/Database Integration; Matt Moore, Equation Motion Graphics; Josh Caswell, Audio Recording; and Ben Yates, Website. Produced by Nita Sturiale.